Let us celebrate Make In India, we have a well-earned reason for that…


Let us celebrate Make In India, we have a well-earned reason for that…

We are referring to celebration tagged to Wipro-GE healthcare’s recent accomplishment of CT system launch. This system costs less than 40% of traditional available CT systems in market, and addresses everything that you ever wished for from cost and quality perspective.

While half of country was debating around “Make In India campaign’s” success or failure, Milan Rao, CEO and President of GE Healthcare South Asia & his dynamic team was busy leveraging technical know-how and skill set that country India beholds.

Wipro-GE team thought through this execution so well, that even before the product was launched the company had right distribution and training channel laid out across the country.

Some of the must know features of the CT system include

  • 36 per cent lower radiation with a smart dose.
  • 28 per cent lower life cycle cost
  • Half the weight of a traditional machine.

This all round approach of Wipro-GE joint venture is commendable and only deserves applaud, we wish more companies materialize on their Make In India beliefs.

For now let us all celebrate and cherish the vision, and soon to become reality of Affordable healthcare.

Kudos to Milan Rao and his team for making us believe that right treatment is available at reasonable price.

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