Google missed on this potential application of its Project tango…


Google missed on this potential application of its Project tango…

We are referring to healthcare application of the product, end use which is probably too soon for devices of similar kind.

Tango, augmented reality platform that has taken virtual reality by surprise was recently launched by Google in joint collaboration with Lenovo’s hardware (i.e. 6.4 inch Phab 2).

Just when consumers were getting used to virtual reality ,a technology that shuts you out off reality and puts you in virtual world, Google hits the home run in the form Tango.

Its basically technology platform that augments virtual objects on to real time environment.

Now, as the basic background around the technology has been outlined let’s come to the application of Tango, which we think can take Tango to a new height.

It is, healthcare end use.

Imagine Tango’s use in training physicians with new medical devices. Physicians would experience real time set up on a virtual patients and gain field level exposure on novel medtech technologies. Currently its takes month together for Physicians to get used to new innovation from medtech behemoths.

Tango could also be used in training medical students. Just imagine of recently passed out medical student with 1600 hours exposure to ICU set up via augmented reality platform.

Clinical trial monitoring teams could use augmented reality in a different way all together. Just imagine of CRA walking into clinical set up, and observing subject progress chart hovering over patients. He can formulate a million solutions to alter therapies there and then.

These are just some of the infinite possibilities that AR beholds.

I am sure Google would have already thought about the same, and one of its crazily smart engineer put out of Silicon valley is already working on it.

As we await for engineer’s tangible output, you watch out for medtech related updates on Medical Device Trends.

Medical Device Trends


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