Look who Pfizer is partnering to get hold of next big innovation?



Look who Pfizer is partnering to get hold of next big innovation?

Content from Fierce Pharma

We are referring to recent partnership between Pfizer and Indiegogo, one of the leading crowd funding portal. The engagement mission is called Healthy Aging ( At-least Pfizer calls it that way).

Its sort of competition where Indiegogo is asking crowd to come up with ideas , can be product or services, that have potential to keep aging population healthy. These ideas would go a series of checks in order for panel to come up with a single winner.

Winner would be given 50K prize, along with amount, he/she would also get a chance to work with smart minds @ Pfizer to materialize those ideas into reality.

Though there would be single winner at the end of contest, this campaign  would provide good visibility to the ones that did not make it to the final cut.

This engagement is first of kind, with its subsequent count number depending on Duo’s activity success.

As we look to capture more of such alliances and joint ventures, you follow MDT: Online Medical Device News Tracker


Image Source: Pfizer and Indiegogo social media pages



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