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Companies that play in this segment, last amount they closed and others.


Profusa awarded $7.5M DARPA grant to work on implantable biosensors ( Last News Update)

Profusa’s mission is to make our body’s chemistry easily accessible to improve health and wellness. We are dedicated to becoming a leader in the development of real-time biosensors that provide unprecedented insights into our overall health status. We are leading the development of a new generation of biointegrated sensors that empowers the individual with the ability to monitor their unique body chemistry in unprecedented ways to transform the management of personal health and disease. Our technology enables the development of bioengineered sensors that become one with the body to detect and continuously transmit actionable, medical-grade data for personal and medical use. Profusa’s first clinical offering, the Lumee Oxygen Sensing System™, is designed to report reliable tissue oxygen levels at various regions of interest, both acutely and long-term. It may be used in applications where monitoring of compromised tissue is beneficial, such as peripheral artery disease that results in narrowing of blood vessels and reduced blood flow to the lower limbs; chronic wounds (diabetic ulcers, pressure sores) that do not heal properly; and reconstructive surgery. Any questions? Please visit or email us at

  • Website

  • Industry

    Medical Devices

  • Type

    Privately Held

  • Headquarters

    345 Allerton Ave South San Francisco, California 94080 United States

  • Company Size

    11-50 employees

  • Founded



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