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Company looks to enhance medical imaging using technology:VR




Image Source: Company Website

Company looks to enhance medical imaging using technology:VR

We are referring to Echo pixel’s quest of commercializing its software platform that provides virtual 3D images of critical organs such as heart, lungs and others. Now, those who are in the medical field would have already identified the advantages of such a technology.

It helps care providers to look into the organ morphology on virtual platform, there by enhancing service providers on field action. In order to take this platform to the bigger crowd, Echopixel has partnered with HP, and plans to use HP display for showcasing its 3D images to physicians, medical students or who ever concerned.

Vitual reality aka VR, is technology which is most widely been explored in medtech applications, with venture like that of Echopixel, it is motivating to see that some of the smart brains of this era are not running the blind folded race, and are trying to better healthcare through their respective innovations.

Software has been FDA approved, and is likely to surface as a major breakthrough in the medtech field.

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