Machine Learning Trend Visited by New Players

Machine learning has been one of the buzz word in medtech arena.

It basically uses pile of recorded data and deduces the current scenario at much faster pace, where the rate of analysis is much quicker than human deductions of similar situations.

Recently entering this ball game is AliveCor and Mayo Clinic. The duo looks to tranform heart health management by merging their respective core strengths.

AliveCor has mastered the art of heart health management through its electrode hardware systems, which has recorded close to 10 million ECGs. Going forward it looks to subject this data points to machine learning which will not just deliver quick solutions for healthcare ailments, but also benefit other organ treatments.

What has been an interesting note is that ECG is linked to many other variables that can help treat kidney related ailments in much better manner than current therapies.

These interesting developments just go about highlighting the fact that medtech innovators are not just all talk and no work. They are indeed running towards a smoother value centeric offerings.

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