Medtech OEMs looking to launch devices without the delay, here is partner who can help you accomplish the same

We are referring to Freudenbeg Medical’s recently launched products, which were result of 18 months dedicated effort and hard work. Freudenberg Medical’s newly launched product namely Flexseal Introducer Sheath, Flexseal Hemostasis Valve and Composer Deflectable Catheter Handle Platform are creating a lot of noise in minimal invasive solution market.

The trio (three products) are garnering industry’s focus for three reasons

  • It helps OEMs explore white label services
  • It helps OEMS by providing them with access to new design for improving next gen devices
  • It also helps OEMS save time in case they are looking to offer new feature sets with their current products

Long story short, if you are Medtech OEM looking to bolster your presence in minimal invasive solution market, and don’t want to delay in reaching desired position, Freudenberg is medtech partner to go for.

It is one of the top innovation partner in medical device contract manufacturing fraternity and can help you with finished goods, design and process solution requirement, all under a single packaging.


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