Looking to get your medical device into Chinese Markets, here is the only MRO, who can help you materialize your healthcare dreams

We are referring to NAMSA’s recent expansion into Chinese markets. NAMSA is the only medical research organization that offers support through entire product lifecycle from design to market launch (Company has recently put up a beautiful video on its transition from CRO to MRO, URL: https://www.namsa.com/mro/medical-research-organization/).

NAMSA recently expanded its APAC capabilities by adding 80000 Sq.Ft facility in China. Facility is equipped with technology that helps you across 3 major aspects of product success, these aspects include:

  • Concept testing
  • Feasibility testing
  • Post market surveillance

Though the operations of the newly started facility are based out of China, the goal of the facility is to serve as gateway for both domestic and global clients. While domestic healthcare companies can leverage the NAMSA’s capabilities to launch product in China (Almost all regulatory agencies, CFDA inclusive treat NAMSA’s name as synonym to good quality), global companies can extend their relationship with NAMSA to new APAC geographies in terms of launching their innovative products.


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