Should we doubt the future of 3D Printing?

Cost is a major concern regarding  3D printing ,with skepticism revolving around 3D printers being too expensive for mainstream audience. We think it is not.

With annual spend of pharmaceutical companies being close to USD 50 billion , spend that is channelized without awareness of what could be the potential return; 3D printing offers a assured ROI. This is mainly because of personalized offering angle that 3D printing brings on table.

Close to 2 million tons of medical waste is generated every year, primary part of this waste is unused medical devices and supplies, this wastage can be directly avoided by 3D printing, as this manufacturing process produces products on demand, thereby shrinking inventory levels.

While the inventory management and spend reduction remains as operational advantage points backing  3D Printing, reduction in error rates in surgeries, bio printing of organs are some technical advantage the process brings forward.

To summarize 3D Printing is an amazing form of personalized medicine , where the providers are tailoring plans for individuals rather than one size fits all approach.

Logistics service provider like UPS are putting their best foot forward to help this  manufacturing process reach levels that it deserves.

Content Outline Picked from MPO.

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