Wuxi Apptec doubles its operational space in the view of increasing demand

Wuxi Apptec doubles its operational space in the view of increasing demand. 

Company has witnessed increased traction on bio-analytical testing  over last 2-3 years, which has been major factor contributing to the expansion move. The expansion at NJ not just doubles Wuxi’s work space but also brings in job opportunities to 200 potential candidates.

SO analysis : Strength Opportunity Analysis

Strengths : Company offers bundled services like no other. Its platform complements small molecule, biopharma, cell and gene therapy and others at both R&D and manufacturing level. Stats like 16 out of 22 US FDA approved drugs are from Wuxi’s collaborators is huge testimonial to company’s capabilities.

Opportunities: To offer services to clients from distant location could be dealt with ease in era of connected and digital world. However proximity of vendors to focus markets does have its own advantage. Wuxi Apptec has been doing the same by expanding its developed market presence. This is likely to increase the project in-flow for the company. Further these service lines require constant dialogues amid parties involved and proximity would just fit in long term alliance action plan.


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