How far are we from Digital pharma medicines?

How far are we from Digital pharma medicines? 

Apparently, not very far. According to recent article outlined in Outsourcing pharma, digital medicines are gathering more real time data to present their case of commercialization and scalability.

Leading the trail is company Proteus , who has been in buzz for its ingestible sensor capable of monitoring patient dosage adherence and vital sign tracking post medicine intake.

The company is set on a mission to make patient control and command his treatment even without being present in hospital set up. Now this is called taking  control of your own situation.

Proteus also believes that for patient to have more open discussion with healthcare provider, he or she must have access to real time data of how body is behaving to prescribed medicines. This is of prime interest, as it would pave way for personalized treatment at individual level.

Proteus also highlights the manufacturing view of technology, where company acknowledges that this innovation could be embedded in current manufacturing process with ease. Some amount cross industry knowledge flow would be required though, as digital medicines are hybrid of semiconductor, electronics and pharma products.

Technology and Company: Proteus addresses lot of current market gaps , and we think this innovation is really remarkable and holds tremendous opportunity for company and patients globally.

SO analysis : Strength Opportunity Analysis

Strengths :  The company is leading a market which has just begun to explore new possibilities and avenues. With regulatory approvals from FDA and EU agencies company has not just materialized first mover’s advantage but also have bolstered it’s brand image in B2B market.

Opportunities : Ease of platform’s integration with current manufacturing setup highlights the band of potential pharma clients that Proteus can approach in coming days.  Innovation from Proteus believes in empowering patients and their families,  and helping physicians and healthcare systems reduce risk. Now do we need to spell opportunities for intent or goal of this sort ?

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