Novartis like always, leads in yet another innovative model : Clinical trials

Novartis could be tagged as one of those companies that look to do things differently. It taps into new platforms and technologies to pave way for new practices , and one such example of company’s move is its alliance with Thread research.

Team of both companies have developed an app namely “Focalview”, which aims at collecting real time data from 150,000 users.

The data also referred to as eDROS ( electronic device recorded outcome measurements),  would help ophthalmic researchers gain more real time insights from patients who are positioned away from trial sites.

This is not first time that Novartis is exploring waters of remote patient clinical trials , it had earlier inked deal with Science 37 on similar lines.

These series of strategic activities from Novartis just go about highlighting company’s chase of paving new ways in clinical trial arena. And, we would be not be surprised if Novartis masters this pilot engagement and puts this practice for global operations.

SO analysis

Strengths: Being forerunner in all novel practices , having diversified portfolio of business, just puts Novartis at position of strength in comparison to its peers. Thread research on other hand is placed in business that is yet to explore its potential. Needless to say clinical trials away from site or remote patient monitoring is the future that healthcare industry beholds.


Opportunities that this engagement would bring in for Novartis are enormous. While the application is currently been tagged to Ophthalmic therapy, going forward scope of therapeutic coverage can definitely hold huge bargain for both the parties involved.


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