This API CMO is leaving no stone un-turned to gain competitive edge

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Cambrex Corporation (NYSE:CBM), one of the most prominent player in custom and branded API space announced that it will expand R&D capabilities at its site in Paullo, Milan, Italy. New facility would be spread across 150m² and would include new staff that company is likely to recruit in coming days. The move is targeted towards increasing the number of generic APIs in the company’s development portfolio.

Lab set up to include 14 fume hoods and will combine both chemistry and analytical development capabilities, with the installation of glass lined reactors, as well as analytical instruments including multiple high and ultra-performance liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography systems. While the construction of the R&D space would complete by end of 2018, instrument set up leading to operational and functional space would happen by Q1 2019.

Quotes from Company Officials

“The generic API industry is growing due to the continued expiry of product patents, which results in the constant flow of new generic entrants to the market,” commented Aldo Magnini, Managing Director, Cambrex Milan. “The new laboratory will increase the number of programs we can be active in at any one time, allowing us to expand our portfolio of generic products.”

Cambrex currently has 70 generic APIs in its kitty, which obviously carries cGMP tag. Milan site of Cambrex has seven  departments, supported by a pilot plant, kilo-scale plant and development and analytical laboratories.

Activities of API CMOs are on rise, ranging from alliances, M&A, capacity expansion and innovation. On this quest of being best in class API CMO addressing the need of pharma buyers, Cambrex is doing everything at its behest to have competitive edge.

Watch out for more update on API CMOs activities, investments and other strategic moves.

Image Source: Company Website

Data Sources: Company Website


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