Looking for inhaler devices CMO : Look no more, Recipharm has got it all


Looking for inhaler devices CMO?  Look no more, Recipharm has got it all…

The acquisition of Sanofi’s manufacturing centre in Holmes Chapel just goes about highlighting  Recipharm’s  pro-activeness in becoming a strategic partner for global pharma in respiratory drug market. This move also scales up commercial available capacity of Recipharm, now that its US capacity sees addition from this newly added plant.

Company Quotes

Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm, commented: “Holmes Chapel brings Recipharm an ideal opportunity to accelerate its offering to customers with access to novel of respiratory products. As an already successful CMO with several clients, we look forward to introducing new contracts to Holmes Chapel by utilising our growing franchise in development services. Treatments for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are growing at a fast rate and we see many opportunities. The experienced management team and staff have already successfully attracted new customers and we look forward to building on this from the well invested facility.

We all know how various CMOs are striving hard to offer not just quality but also cost competitiveness to Pharma buyers. With expansion like Recipharm’s ,the companies could leverage economies of scale and provide buyers with much better price, and not to forget best in class product. As  CMO market evolves we wait for more actions of similar sort that would re-define the future of pharma outsourcing.

Watch out for more updates around Recipharm, one of the leading CDMO by following Pharmed Intel.


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