Top CDMOs in Pharma Space

CDMOs , also called as contract development and manufacturing organisations are important part of healthcare ecosystem. Their structuring commenced when Pharma buyers started insisting their CMO partners to support them in product development, as a result CMO modified their description to CDMOs. In this article we share logos of prominent CDMOs that have defined, tested and proved themselves in ever changing pharma market.

While Paragon and AGC Biologics have established themselves( There are others like Cook, Hitachi; who have positioned themselves in Biologic space) as Biopharma CDMOs, others support small molecule need of their Pharma partners.

Eurofins Amatsigroup (CDMO) LogoCorden Pharma - A Full-Service CDMO LogoHalo Pharmaceutical, Inc. LogoFARMIGEA LogoDelpharm LogoAGC Biologics LogoParagon Bioservices, Inc. LogoAlcami (AAIPharma Services Corp./ Cambridge Major Laboratories Inc.) LogoBrammer Bio LogoHitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions, LLC LogoKemwell Biopharma LogoUQUIFA LogoCenexi LogoCook Pharmica LogoAlthea, CMO Logo

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