Top CMOs in Gene Therapy Space

WuXi Advanced Therapies Logo

WuXi Advanced Therapies
Philadelphia, PA  930 followers



Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Process Development, Cell Banking, Virology, Autologous , Allogeneic, Therapeutics, CAR-T, CDMO, CMO, Contract Manufacturing, Therapeutics, Biomanufacturing, Bioprocessing, Antibody Drug Conjugate, Viral Vector, Biotechnology, Protein Therapeutic, Viral Clearance, Biologics, Biotherapeutics, Immunotherapy, Laboratory Testing, Preclinical Safety, Cell Line Characterization, Adventitious Agent Testing, Product Packaging, Lot Release, Analytical Development, Vaccine Manufacturing, and Extractables & Leachables.

GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals Logo

GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals


cGMP, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy, Vaccines, Recombinant Proteins, and …

ABL Europe Logo

ABL Europe


CMO, Biotechnology, Viral Vectors, Vaccines, Oncolytic viruses, Drug Substance, Fill Finish, Phase 1-3, and BLA / product registration

Brammer Bio Logo

Brammer Bio
Cambridge, Massachusetts 


Gene Therapy, CDMO, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceuticals

Yposkesi Logo



• Bioprocess development (USP & DSP), • GMP manufacturing of clinical and commercial batches, • Analytical development, assays qualification & validation, • Fill & Finish, and • Regulatory support

Cellforcure Logo

Les Ulis  1,331 followers


Health, Cell therapy, Cancerology/Oncology, Cardiovascular, Metabolism, Endocrinology, Nutrition, Gene therapy, CDMO, Commercial manufacturing, and ATMP GMP and cGMP production

Celonic Group Logo

Celonic Group
Basel  1,056 followers


Contract development and Manufacturing (GMP), Cell Line Development, Process and Analytic Development, Biosimilar Antibody Development, Outlicensing of developed Biosimilar Cell Lines, GMP manufacturing at 1000L scale, Fill and Finish, Perfusion, Fed-batch, Biosimilars, NBE, and Cell & Gene Therapy

VGXI, Inc. - cGMP Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Logo

VGXI, Inc. – cGMP Plasmid DNA Manufacturing
The Woodlands, Texas  435 followers


DNA Plasmid Manufacturing, DNA Vaccines, cGMP Contract Manufacturing, Gene Therapy, Process Development, HD Plasmid Manufacturing, Plasmid Optimization Services, Cell Banking, Fill/Finish, Cell Line Optimization, Pre-Clinical Plasmids, HD Plasmids, and Stability Testing

Vectalys By Flash Therapeutics Logo

Vectalys By Flash Therapeutics
Toulouse  724 followers


Custom Lentiviral Vectors, Gene Delivery, Gene Silencing, Stable Cell Lines Generation, and Fluorescent Proteins

Clean Cells Logo

Clean Cells
boufféré  629 followers


biosafety testing, Cell Banking and Storage, Viral Clearance, Potency Assay, R&D Contract, Training, ADCC activity assay platform, Virus Banking and Storage, Phagotherapy, Cell therapy , and Gene therapy

    BioNTech IMFS Logo

    BioNTech IMFS
    Idar-Oberstein  486 followers


    Cell therapy, GMP manufacturing, Gene Therapy, RNA manufacturing, Retroviral vector manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing, and T-cell therapies

    Florida Biologix Logo

    Florida Biologix
    Alachua, Florida  375 followers


    Biologics, Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO), Preclinical, Phase I/II, cGMP, Process Development, Cell & Gene Therapy, Protein & Vector Production, Cell Line Engineering & Banking, Fill-Finish, Analytical Testing, and Mammalian & Insect Cell Expression Systems

    FinVector Oy Logo

    FinVector Oy
    Kuopio, Eastern Finland


    Gene therapies, Cell therapies, Research, Development, Advanced medicines, and Manufacture

    Anemocyte - Talent for Life | Cell & Gene Therapy | Biotechnology | ATMP  Logo

    Anemocyte – Talent for Life | Cell & Gene Therapy | Biotechnology | ATMP
    Gerenzano, VA  264 followers


    biotecnologie, biotechnology, atmp, cell & gene therapy, gmp, high quality, advanced therapy medicinal products, clinical trials, biotech, plasmidi, Biotech Manufacturing Organization, cdmo, plasmid, Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, biotech organization, viral vectors, vettori virali, terapia genica, terapia cellulare, good manufacturing practies, and Good Manufacturing Practices

    Esco Aster Logo

    Esco Aster


    Adherent Bioprocessing, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Exosomes, Human Vaccines, Animal Vaccines, Viral Vectors, Diagnostics, Gene Therapy, and Cell Therapy

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