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Medical device trends brings you top 3 stories from previous day. As these features remained at the forefront in terms of tweets , views and discussions, we bring you quick snapshot of their content. Below are top three stories purely based on their social media coverage and popularity:

1. Brookings institution jolts down the roadmap for post market surveillance system :
Brookings institution under the purview of FDA touts a report outlining post marketing surveillance strategy for booming medical device industry. Report highlights points such as usage of patient data on public and private portals for medical device tracking. It intends to draw schemes similar to Sentinel Initiative ( Electronic system tracking Pharma Products ) for medical device sector.

2. TE connectivity expresses its seriousness in healthcare through Advanced Cath acquisition:
Connectivity has been long standing outsourcing partner of medical device OEMs , and it just goes to prove its commitment to  the sector by acquiring catheter manufacturer AdvancedCath.

3. CRE bacteria that goes by alias “Superbug” continues to haunt US healthcare system :
Close to 135 patients have been infected  with contaminated endoscope  from the period 2013 – 2014 as per article featured on fiercemedical. The bacteria to be blamed for the issue is CRE or Super bug. Some of the experts say to seek help from ethylene gas, as it is one of the most widely used decontaminating agent. Though OEMs like Olympus back the suggestion ,FDA frowns upon any sort of remedy around the same. Further it goes ahead and warns the healthcare of contamination chances even after adhering to all the standard protocols in par with manufacturer’s recommendation.

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