AbbVie and Calico, and we shall say no more 

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AbbVie and Calico bolster their partnership in quest to solve age linked health challenges

Two best innovators join hand to deal with age related health issues. With close to 24 early stage developments – which are on their way to commercialisation, the duo are likely to change the face of healthcare in coming days. Below is news release from Calico’s website:

– Extension builds on collaboration established in 2014
– Collaboration focuses on aging and age-related diseases, including neurodegeneration and cancer

AbbVie (NYSE: ABBV), a research-based global biopharmaceutical company, and Calico, a company focused on aging research and therapeutics, today announced an extension of their collaboration to discover, develop and bring to market new therapies for patients with age-related diseases, including neurodegeneration and cancer.

Calico is the Alphabet-backed life sciences company that is led by former Genentech chairman and CEO Arthur D. Levinson, Ph.D. With more than 150 employees, Calico has established a world-class research and development facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Working together with AbbVie, Calico pursues discovery-stage research and development. AbbVie provides scientific and clinical development support and will lend its commercial expertise to lead future development and commercialization activities. Since 2014, the collaboration between the two companies has produced more than two dozen early-stage programs addressing disease states across oncology and neuroscience and yielded new insights into the biology of aging.

“We’ve built a successful collaboration – both scientifically and culturally – that is advancing cutting-edge science,” said Michael Severino, M.D., executive vice president, research and development, chief scientific officer, AbbVie. “Calico has attracted an outstanding team of world-class scientists and the extension of this collaboration allows us to further build on the research we’ve done to identify transformative treatment options for patients with age-related diseases.”

“Our collaboration with AbbVie has fully met our high expectations,” said Dr. Levinson. “Our initial agreement created a unique partnership and this extension will accelerate further our efforts to understand the science of aging to advance novel therapies for patients.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the collaboration between the two companies is now extended for an additional three years. Calico will be responsible for research and early development until 2022 and will advance collaboration projects through Phase 2a through 2027. AbbVie will continue to support Calico in its early R&D efforts and, following completion of Phase 2a studies, will have the option to manage late-stage development and commercial activities. Both parties will share costs and profits equally. AbbVie and Calico will each commit to contribute an additional $500 million to the collaboration.


Looking for inhaler devices CMO : Look no more, Recipharm has got it all


Looking for inhaler devices CMO?  Look no more, Recipharm has got it all…

The acquisition of Sanofi’s manufacturing centre in Holmes Chapel just goes about highlighting  Recipharm’s  pro-activeness in becoming a strategic partner for global pharma in respiratory drug market. This move also scales up commercial available capacity of Recipharm, now that its US capacity sees addition from this newly added plant.

Company Quotes

Thomas Eldered, CEO of Recipharm, commented: “Holmes Chapel brings Recipharm an ideal opportunity to accelerate its offering to customers with access to novel of respiratory products. As an already successful CMO with several clients, we look forward to introducing new contracts to Holmes Chapel by utilising our growing franchise in development services. Treatments for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are growing at a fast rate and we see many opportunities. The experienced management team and staff have already successfully attracted new customers and we look forward to building on this from the well invested facility.

We all know how various CMOs are striving hard to offer not just quality but also cost competitiveness to Pharma buyers. With expansion like Recipharm’s ,the companies could leverage economies of scale and provide buyers with much better price, and not to forget best in class product. As  CMO market evolves we wait for more actions of similar sort that would re-define the future of pharma outsourcing.

Watch out for more updates around Recipharm, one of the leading CDMO by following Pharmed Intel.

Thermo Fisher Scientific : Where precision is not just word but a mission

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., one of the world’s top life science company opens it  U.S. Precision Medicine Science Center (PMSC) in Cambridge, Mass.

This facility beholds technologies that addresses collaborators need of  analytical workflows which can generate precise molecular profiles of patients. This data will ultimately complement collaborators quest to treat disease effectively in clinical set-ups.

The centre also houses best in class experts who can help current and potential clients expedite journey from biomarker discovery to assay development. Company intends to achieve this by compressing R&D timelines.

Company Quotes

“For health and science innovators, a bottleneck exists today between the discovery of biomarkers and their widespread use at the point of care,” said Emily Chen, senior director, Thermo Fisher Precision Medicine Science Center. “Our goal at the PMSC is to remove that bottleneck and help scientists and physicians reduce the time it takes to demonstrate clinic validity and utility.”

“Precision medicine needs to be based on high-quality data, and proteomics is central to that,” said PMSC collaborator Jennifer Van Eyk, PhD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Our work with the team at the PMSC is helping us accelerate the important journey from discovery to patient care.”


This is not first time that company has opened PMSC centre, Thermofisher in past has opened similar centre in China that looks to address same challenges.

This 20 billion dollar sales company has unique blend of services that range from life science research to patient diagnostics, stretching far beyond to laboratory offerings. It is this combination that has positioned the company to forefront of innovation, which is well reflected in its global strategic decisions.  For more updates on Thermo fisher and its peers, follow Pharmed Intel.

LabCorp does it again; acquires, streamlines and positions Sciformix in its long term strategy


LabCorp acquires Sciformix Corporation, a scientific process outsourcing company focused on pharmacovigilance and regulatory solutions for biopharmaceutical and medical devices clients. Sciformix will become part of Covance, LabCorp’s drug development business.

Quotes from Company

“This acquisition strengthens our position in the later phases of drug and device development, particularly for post-marketing pharmacovigilance and market access solutions,” said David P. King, chairman and chief executive officer of LabCorp. “The addition of Sciformix’s scientific and technology expertise, combined with its quality-driven processes, will support Covance’s work in transforming drug development through innovation and greater efficiency.”

Asia based Sciformix’s offerings include post-marketing safety and risk management, clinical development support services, regulatory affairs and operations, technology services, and real-world evidence solutions.

Quotes from Company

“The development process does not end once a drug or device is approved,” said Bill Hanlon, Ph.D., group president of Clinical Development and Commercialization Services at Covance. “More than ever, approved treatments must be monitored closely to demonstrate a continued favorable benefit-risk ratio in a much broader population and to safeguard patient safety. Pharmacovigilance solutions address that need. Sciformix’s services and expertise are a compelling addition to Covance’s portfolio. With its scientific knowledge and high-quality delivery, Sciformix is a great fit with our culture and our mission to improve health and improve lives.”

Manish Soman, former president and chief executive officer of Sciformix, said: “Our complementary offerings add depth and breadth to each company’s capabilities, creating an exciting opportunity to offer customers an enhanced range of comprehensive services by a single company.” Ajit Nagral, Sciformix founder and former executive chairman, added: “Sciformix is delighted to become part of the Covance and LabCorp family, bringing new opportunities for our employees as they work to improve healthcare for patients worldwide.”

Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

We are all aware of Labcorp’s acquisition appetite, and hence not very surprised by this acquisition. However noteworthy point here is the way Labcorp positions it is acquisition in its long term strategy and view. USD 10 billion dollar company still has enough in its pocket to make more acquisitions of similar sort to continue its in-organic growth. Watch out for this space for more updates on Labcorp and its peers in coming days.

Image and Data Source: Company Website

This API CMO is leaving no stone un-turned to gain competitive edge

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Cambrex Corporation (NYSE:CBM), one of the most prominent player in custom and branded API space announced that it will expand R&D capabilities at its site in Paullo, Milan, Italy. New facility would be spread across 150m² and would include new staff that company is likely to recruit in coming days. The move is targeted towards increasing the number of generic APIs in the company’s development portfolio.

Lab set up to include 14 fume hoods and will combine both chemistry and analytical development capabilities, with the installation of glass lined reactors, as well as analytical instruments including multiple high and ultra-performance liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography systems. While the construction of the R&D space would complete by end of 2018, instrument set up leading to operational and functional space would happen by Q1 2019.

Quotes from Company Officials

“The generic API industry is growing due to the continued expiry of product patents, which results in the constant flow of new generic entrants to the market,” commented Aldo Magnini, Managing Director, Cambrex Milan. “The new laboratory will increase the number of programs we can be active in at any one time, allowing us to expand our portfolio of generic products.”

Cambrex currently has 70 generic APIs in its kitty, which obviously carries cGMP tag. Milan site of Cambrex has seven  departments, supported by a pilot plant, kilo-scale plant and development and analytical laboratories.

Activities of API CMOs are on rise, ranging from alliances, M&A, capacity expansion and innovation. On this quest of being best in class API CMO addressing the need of pharma buyers, Cambrex is doing everything at its behest to have competitive edge.

Watch out for more update on API CMOs activities, investments and other strategic moves.

Image Source: Company Website

Data Sources: Company Website