Major Trends

Feature gives an infographic view of major medtech trends ranging from Mergers and Acquisitions , VC Funding, Innovations and others on daily basis.

Gives you the quick overview of what happened in medtech arena at the end of each day.

Company Activity Type Previous Company Activity/Comments
Syncardia FDA Reports Funding , IPO
Bayer FDA Reports FDA Reports
TransEnterix M&A Funding , FDA Reports
Greatlake Neuro Technologies Funding NA
St Jude Medical Approval M&A, Approval
Veran Medical Technologies Funding Funding
GE Healthcare Expansion Sell off, training, expansion, M&A
Kimberly Clark Approval Spin-off
Xhale Trials NA
Clinicloud Funding NA
Avinger Funding IPO
Nestle Approval M&A
NA FDA reports NA
St Jude Medical Product Launch Acquisition
Auris Surgical Robotics Funding NA
Silimed FDA reports NA
NA Innovation Developments in robotic prosthetics
NA Innovation NA
Whoop Funding NA
Sonavex Funding NA
Bayer FDA Reports NA
Pathway Genomics FDA Reports NA
Sientra Financials NA
Teva M&A NA
Ceterix Approval Funding (USD 53 Million)
Medtronic M&A NA
Medtronic Product Launch NA
BSC Trials NA
Smith & Nephew Product Launch NA
Fractyl Trials NA
BSC Product Launch Acquisition
UVLrx Therapeutics Approval Funding
Precision Nanosystem Funding NA
Bard M&A Trials
Philips Expansion Partnerships, Funding
InnFocus Funding NA
EarLens Approval NA
OvaScience Financials
Neuravi Approval
MIT Research Universities
UPS Expansion
Philips Partnerships Partnerships, Expansion, MIT
Avita Funding
Apple Partnerships NA
125 Institutions Funding NA
Invivo Therapeutics Trials NA
NovoCure IPO Clinical Trials, FDA
EBR systems Approval Funding
Articure M&A Acquisition
BSC Approval Clinical Trials
Heartware Financials Acquisition
Precision Biopsy Funding NA
St Jude Medical FDA Reports Acquisition
Harvard Universities NA
NovoCure Approval IPO, Approval
TVA Medical Funding Approval
Startatech Funding Funding
Optinose Funding Approval, Clinical Trials, Funding
GE Healthcare Partnerships Funding
Mayo Clinic and Medtronic Researchers Funding NA
Insightec Approval Funding, Approval
Tru D Study Results NA
Opsonix Spin-off Spin-off
Apollo Approval Clinical Trial and Product Approval
Amazon Partnerships Spin-off
Biomeriux Approval Acquisition, FDA approval, Partnerships
Medtronic Study Results Acquisition, Approval
Onkos Funding NA
Stratsys Study Results 3D Printing catches up and so does stratsys name
Procyrion Funding NA
Zoll Product Launch



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