Recorded Data : M&As

List of Medtech M&As

Date of Announcement Buyer and Target
September Integra LifeSciences (US) and Tornier’s US-related Salto Talaris and Salto XT ankle replacement products and Futura silastic toe replacement products
September Valeant Pharmaceuticals (US) and Synergetics (US)
September NOWDiagnostics (US) and ZBx (Canada)
September HeartWare (US) and Valtech Cardio (US)
August Cardiopulmonary Corp. (US) and Nuvon (US)
August Medtronic (US) and Medina (US)
August Greatbatch (US) and Lake Region Medical (US)
August Neogen (US) and Lab M (UK)
August Anteo Diagnostics (Australia) and DIAsource ImmunoAssays (Belgium)
August Becton Dickinson (US) and Cellular Research (US)
August Medtronic (US) and Twelve (US)
August Roche (Switzerland) and Lumora (UK)
August Roche (Switzerland) and Kapa Biosystems (US)
August Theragen (US) and Neurotech North America (US)
August Sterigenics International (US) and Companhia Brasileira de Esterilizacao (Brazil)
August Cancer Genetics (US) and Response Genetics (US)
August Roche (Switzerland) and GeneWEAVE Biosciences (US)
August Mallinckrodt (US) and Therakos (US)
August IBM (US) and Merge Healthcare (US)
August Consortium comprising Westrate and ImmunoTek (South Africa) and   Litha Healthcare Group (South Africa)
August Illumina (US) and GenoLogic (Canada)
August Luye Pharma (China) and Vela Diagnostics (Singapore)
July Abbott (US) and Tendyne (US)
July Lombard Medical (US) and Altura Medical (US)
July ResMed (US) and Curative Medical (China)
July Guerbet (France) and Mallinckrodt’s contrast media and delivery systems business (US)
July Varian Medical Systems (US) and Claymount (the Netherlands)
July Amendia (US) and Custom Spine (US)
July Bacterin International (US) and X-spine Systems (US)
July St Jude Medical (US) and Thoratec (US)
July Stryker (US) and Muka Metal (Turkey)
July Arlington Capital Partners (US) and Avalign Technologies (US)
July OpGen (US) and AdvanDx (US)
July Medtronic (US) and RF Surgical Systems (US)
July Edwards Lifesciences (US) and CardiAQ
July Smith & Nephew (US) and DeOst (Russia)
July Charles River Labs (US) and Celsis International (US)
July Circadiance (US) and Philips’ SmartMonitor and NeoPAP product lines
July Mindray (China) and Wuhan DragonBio Surgical Implant; remaining stake (China)
July ResMed (US) and CareTouch (US)
July Allergan (US) and Oculeve (US)
July Konica Minolta (Japan) and Sawae Technologica (Brazil)
July Rayner Surgical Group (UK) and Aptissen’s ophthalmic cataract surgery business (Switzerland)
July Unnamed buyer (US) and Invacare’s medical device rentals businesses
July B Braun Medical(Germany) and Lauer Membran Wassertechnik (Germany)
July Madison Dearborn Partners (US) and Patterson Medical (US)
June BSN Medical (Germany) and FarrowMed (US)
June Integra LifeSciences (US) and TEI Biosciences and TEI Medical
June DJO Global (US) and Biomet’s Cobalt bone cement, Optivac cement mixing accessories and Discovery elbow system for the US market
June Smith & Nephew (US) and Zimmer’s ZUK unicondylar high-flex knee business for the US market
June Mela Sciences (US) and PhotoMedex’s XTRAC and VTRAC dermatology businesses
June BC TEchncal (US) and Atlas MEdical Technologies (US)
June Medtronic (US) and CardioInsight Technologys (US)
June Medtronic (US) and Aptus EndoSystems (US)
June OphthaliX (Israel) and Improved Vision Systems (Israel)
June XIO (China/US) and Lumenis (US)
June Hill-Rom (US) and Welch Allyn (US)
June Panasonic Healthcare (Japan) and Bayer’s diabetes care business
June OPKO Health (US) and Bio-reference Laboratories (US)
June Eurofins Scientific (EU) and Diatherix Labs (US)
May Cinven (EU) and Labco (France)
May Molex (Ireland) and ProTek Medical (US)
May Circassia Pharmaceuticals (UK) and Aerocrine (Sweden)
May Affymetrix (US) and Eureka Genomics (US)
May Danaher (US) and Pall (US)
May Fujifilm (Japan) and TeraMedica (US)
May MEDNAX (US) and Virtual Radiologic (US)
May Molex Incorporated (Germany) and Soligie (US)
May Smith & Nephew (UK) and Virtual Backtable and TrayTouch from S2 Interactive (US)
May Welch Allyn (US) and Scale-Tronix (US)
May Agilent Technologies (US) and Cartagenia (US)
April Progenity (US) and Carmenta Bioscience (US)
April Sectra (Sweden) and it-mark (Denmark)
April Healthlogistics (UK) and hTrak (Australia)
April St Jude Medical (US) and Spinal modulation (Belgium)
April Illinois Health and Science (US) and IBA Molecular North America (US)
April Lima (Italy) and Zimmer’s unicompartmental high flex knee; Biomet’s Discovery elbow system in Europe; Biomet’s Vanguard complete knee in Denmark and Sweden
April Medytox Solutions (US) and CollabRx (US)
April LGC (UK) and Biosearch Technologies (US)
April IBM (US) and Phytel (US)
April IBM (US) and Explorys (US)
April Celgene (US) and Minority stake in Mesoblast (Australia)
April Roche (Switzerland) and CAPP Medical (US)
April Rosetta Genomics (Israel) and PersonalizeDx (US)
April Protea Biosciences (US) and vivoPharm (US)
April Straumann (Switzerland) and Remaining 51% stake in Neodent (Brazil)
April Medtronic (US) and Diabeter (the Netherlands)
April Pyrexar Medical (US) and BSD Medical’s hyperthermia assets (US)
April Ambry Genetics (US) and Progeny Software (US)
April Boston Scientific (US) and Xlumena (US)
April Elekta (Sweden) and Asesores Electrónicos Especializados (Mexico)
March Orthofix International (US) and Option to acquire eNeura (US)
March Fujifilm (Japan) and Cellular Dynamics International (US)
March Rigaku (Japan) and Agilent’s X-ray diffraction business (US)
March Medtronic (US) and Sophono (US)
March Global Enterprises Group (US) and Majority stake in Predictive Therapeutics (US)
March MH Carnegie (Australia) and Simplify Medical (US)
March Esperite (the Netherlands) and InKaryo (US)
March Whole You (US) and Respire Medical (US)
March Qiagen (the Netherlands) and AdnaGen’s circulating tumor cell technology (Germany)
March Element Materials Technology (UK) and   Bioquell’s TRaC business (UK)
March Medovex (US) and Streamline (US)
March Graphic Controls (US) and Verned (US)
March Digirad (US) and MD Office Solutions (US)
March Mallinckrodt (US) and Ikaria (US)
March Fresenius Medical Care (Germany) and HemaCare’s therapeutic apheresis assets (US)
March iKang Healthcare (China) and Tianjin Hedong District REMAHO Clinic (China)
March iKang Healthcare (China) and Tianjin Hexi Kangmeng Hezhong Clinic (China)
March Smith & Nephew (UK) and EuroCiencia Colombia (Colombia)
March Becton Dickinson (US) and CRISI Medical Systems (US)
March Boston Scientific (US) and American Medical Systems’ Endo Health Solutions urology portfolio (US)
March Cardinal Health (US) and Johnson & Johnson’s Cordis business (US)
March Mesa Laboratories (US) and Dr Fruh Control (Germany)
March Mesa Laboratories (US) and Cherwell Laboratories (UK)
March Sonova (Switzerland) and Fiebing Hörtechnik (Germany)
March Sonova (Switzerland) and Vitakustik (Germany)
March Sonova (Switzerland) and Hansaton Akustik (Germany)
February Nikon (Japan) and Optos (UK)
February Cyberonics (US) and Sorin (Italy)
February Globus Medical (US) and Branch Medical Group (US)
February Sotera Wireless (US) and Reflectance Medical (US)
February SpecialtyCare (US) and ProNerve (US)
February VolitionRx (Belgium) and Chroma Therapeutics’ Nucleosomics patents (UK)
February 3M (US) and Polypore International’s Separations Media business (US)
February Cantel Medical (US) and MRLB International (US)
February Medtronic (US) and Advanced Uro-Solutions (US)
February 3M (US) and Ivera Medical (US)
February TE Connectivity (US) and AdvancedCath (US)
February Novigenix (Switzerland) and Diagnoplex’s Colox blood test (Switzerland)
February Johnson & Johnson/ DePuy Synthes (US) and   Olive Medical (US)
February ResMed (US) and Jaysec (US)
February Roche (Switzerland) and Signature Diagnostics (Germany)
February Pfizer (US) and Hospira (US)
February Thermo Fisher Scientific (US) and Advanced Scientifics (US)
February PRO-DEX (US) and Fineline (US)
February Misonix (US) and Aesculap’s BoneScalpel business (Germany)
February Vision Acquisition (US) and PhotoMedex’s LCA-Vision subsidiary (US)
January Vivione Biosciences (US) and Trillium Diagnostics (US)
January Natus Medical (US) and Global Neuro-Diagnostics (US)
January Schryver Medical (US) and Quality Mobile X-Ray Services (US)
January Chembio Diagnostics (US) and StatSure Diagnostic Systems’ SURE CHECK(R) HIV 1/2 Assay (US)
January Sparton Design Services (US) and Real-Time Enterprises (US)
January Abcam (UK) and Firefly BioWorks (US)
January Exactech (US) and BlueOrtho (France)
January Welch Allyn (US) and Hubble Telemedical (US)
January DNAe (UK) and nanoMR (US)
January Diaverum (Sweden) and Nefros Asia (Kazakhstan)
January Amarantus BioScience (US) and DioGenix (US)
January Integra LifeSciences (US) and Metasurg’s foot and ankle portfolio (US)
January Roche (Switzerland) and Majority stake in Foundation Medicine (US)
January Qiagen (the Netherlands) and Enzymatics’ Enzyme Solutions unit (US)
January WuXi PharmaTech (China) and NextCode Health (US)
January Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA, France) and   Atreus Pharmaceuticals (Canada)
January Harvard Bioscience (US) and HEKA Elektronik (Germany)
January Horizon Discovery Group (UK) and Haplogen Genomics (Austria)
January Pulmonx (US) and Aeris Therapeutics (US)
January Adaptive Biotechnologies (US) and Sequenta (US)
January Cleveland HeartLab (US) and Aviir’s MRISK test (US)
January Aegis Sciences (US) and Diagnovus (US)
January Empire Genomics (US) and ID Labs (Canada)
January Lexmark International (US) and Claron Technology (Canada)
January Stryker (US) and CHG Hospital Beds (Canada)
January Cantel Medical (US) and Pure Water Solutions (US)

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