Recorded Data : Funding

Below are funding insights on leading medtech start-ups

Company Month Amount raised
Sera Prognostics January $20m
GlySens January $12m
CardioFocus January $32m
Vascular Dynamics January $8.43m
Miracor Medical Systems January €4.5m ($5m)
Apama Medical January $11m
DiaCarta January $8m
UroSens January £2m ($3m)
Biodesix January $12m
Veryan January £8.4m ($12.8m)
Obalon Therapeutics January $20m
FEops January €1.3m
Gecko Biomedical January €1.3m
EarlySense January $20m
Advanced MR Analytics January SEK10m
Biofortuna January £1.5m
Atlas Genetics January $20m
Bionext January €1m
Xenex January $25m
ProteoMedix January CHF1m
Claritas Genomics January $15m
USGI MEdical January $15m
Quantum Biosystems February JPY2.4bn ($20m)
Pocared Diagnostics February $15m
Rainbow Medical February $25m
Pursuit Vascular February $1.6m
Trice Medical February $18.1m
ACT Genomics February $8m
Michelson Diagnostics February £2.5m
Guardant Health February $50m
ORIG3N February $3.1m
EyeBrain February €1.3m ($1.47m)
Velano Vascular February $5m
Magnisense February €1.2m
HiberGene Diagnostics February €2m
Invuity February $20m
Verve Medical February $2m
Lineagen February $12.17m
Lifecode February $20.5m
Metactive February $2m
OpGen February $1.2m
Illumina Accelerator Boost Capital February $40m
Cyfuse Biomedical March JPY1.4bn ($12m)
Daktari Diagnostics March $15.5m
Mersana Therapeutics March $35m
EndoChoice March $57m
Minimally Invasive Devices March $11.7m
Cardiac Dimensions March $15.2m
HealthMyne March $4.5m
RayVio March $9.3m
Metabolon March $5m
New Oncology March Undisclosed
Glooko March $16.5m
InterVene March $5.9m
OrthoSensor March $19m
Auxogen March $34.3m
Svelte Medical Systems March $16m
Palo Alto Health Sciences March $3.9m
Alesi Surgical March £2.1m
Semma Therapeutics March $44m
Gelesis March $22m
Natera April $55.5m
DreaMed Diabetes April $2m
EBR Systems April $20m
Admera Health April Undisclosed
Pursuit Vascular April $5.1m
Ortho Kinematics April $9.6m
Congenica April £2.2m
Bonesupport April $14m
Ariste Medical April $4.6m
Neuronetics April $34m
Scanadu April $35m
Spirox April $18.5m
Tal Medical April $14m
Color Genomics April $15m
DermTech April $2.4m
ReCor Medical April $15m
UgenTec April $1m
Femasys April $10.2m
Waveguide April $13.9m
Synoste April €1.2m
Axonics Modulation Technologies May $17.3m
Atia Medical May $5m
Cartiva May $8.5m
Adaptive Biotechnologies May $195m
Autonomic Technologies May $38m
Precision BioSciences May $25.6m
Moximed May $33m
Neumitra May Undisclosed
Myomo May $5m
Abcodia May £5.25m ($8m)
Intact Vascular May $38.9m
OncoCyte May $3.3m
Bigfoot Biomedical May $3m
i-Optics May €13.7m
Shockwave Medical May $40m
Companion Medical May $3.2m
MBio May $6.3m
Freedom Meditech May $4.8m
Rani Therapeutics May $25m
SI-BONE May $21m
Neuwave Medical May $25m
Orthospace May Undisclosed
LifeImage May $17.5m
Transplant Genomics May $3.2m
AEGEA Medical May $36m
ClarVista Medical May $14m
Outset Medical May $60m
Arsenal Medical June $16m
480 Biomedical June $10.5m
Calhoun Vision June $52m
Global Kinetics June Aus$14.8m
Personal Genome Diagnostics June $4.3m
TransMedics June $20m
MyoPowers June €4.5m
WISE June €3m
SpineGuard June €2.8m
Milestone Pharmaceuticals June $17m
Cynvenio Biosystems June $25.5m
Smart Vision Labs June $6.1m
Arsenal AAA June Undisclosed
Advanced Cell Diagnostics June $22m
Hello June $40m
Neuravi June €19m ($21m)
CyMedica Orthopedics June $11.5m
Tute Genomics June $3.9m
Stratos Genomics June $15m
Courtagen Life Sciences June $7.5m
Autonomic Technologies June $5.5m
Calcivis June £2.6m
Biodesix June $11m
Abingdon Health June £3m
Sebacia June $12m
Advanced Accelerator Applications June €23m
Spectromics June Undisclosed
TissueTech June $15m
NantHealth June $200m
Inari Medical June $12.4m
Exosome Diagnostics July $2.2m
23andMe July $79.1m
Procept BioRobotics July $42m
InSphero July CHF20m
Bionik Labs July $1.4m
BiO2 Medical July $4m
Xagenic July Can$15m ($11.8m)
Courtagen Life Sciences July $12.5m
Rubicon Genomics July $2m
Woven Orthopedic Technologies July $4m
Aum Cardiovascular July $5m
Amphora Medical July $12.8m
Cianna Medical July $4m
Oxford Nanopore Technology July £70m ($109m)
GNA BioSolutions July €6m ($6.7m)
Channel Medsystems July $22.5m
Gynesonics July $43m
Blue Earth Diagnostics July £18m
Perimeter Medical Imaging July $5m
Intelligent Implant Systems July Undisclosed
Castle Biosciences July $11.7m
Baebies July $13m
Medigus July $3m
Eximo Medical July $1.6m
Suneva Medical July $15m
11health August £1.25m
Kuros Biosurgery August CHF15m
TherOx August $16.8m
JenaValve Technology August $26.5m
Virtual Inicision August $11.2m
InfoBionic August $8m
LifeBond August $27m
Mevion Medical Systems August $200m
Genalyte August $44m
Owlet Baby Care August $7m
Burning Rock Biotech August $23m
MacuLogix August $5m
HistoSonics August $2.1m
Senseonics August $10m
DynoSense August $9.4m
Insightra Medical August $5m
EBS Technologies August €1.1m ($1.2m)
Gauss Surgical August $3.3m
MicroMatrix Medical August $23m
CeQur August $100m
Centerline Biomedical August $1.7m
MocaCare August $2m
ReShape Medical August $38m
MediBeacon August $22.4m
Providence Medical August $12m
Exosome Diagnostics September $17.6m

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