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Tag: Apple

This claim of Quintiles will take you back..

This claim of Quintiles will take you back….. We are referring to company’s recently released image(below) on social platforms. We all know how difficult it is to kick-start a clinical […]

IBM’s Watson did not just do that?

Wearable industry growth figures are at top of the charts. Every fortnight wearable start-ups are either closing funding rounds , or been acquired and in some cases hosting IPO. All […]

Facebook’s Foray Into Healthcare

Introduction: Facebook( already has good understanding of who your mates are or what are your areas of interest, however soon it will know what is your health status. Confused!!! Don’t […]

Apple leaves no stone unturned in healthcare arena

Wearables, for sure have a great future lined ahead however uniqueness of a device would be differentiating factor for product sales.With whos who of different industry pouring-in the segment, it is difficult to comment on success and failure of any company, however we definitely can give snippet on some prominent platforms.