On Quest To Develop Artificial Pancreas

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One of the recent quest of researchers around the world is to develop artificial of everything. Artificial heart, artificial hands, artificial limbs and now artificial pancreas. Advancement of artificial pancreas is more rampant , as the head count of diabetic patients worldwide grow in number and growth is far more than projected figures Y-o-Y.

Diabetes is among the top 3 ailments of healthcare and continues to stay there in spite of advancements from pharma players devising various formulations and delivery devices. Keeping this challenge & issue in mind researchers from MIT & Harvard have jumped into the field with sole motto of developing beta cells and hence contributing to industry’s dream of developing artificial pancreas.

Daniel Anderson from MIT & Dr. Gordon from Harvard are candidates who are heading the initiative of this development.

This recent quest has followed the trail of another start-up, Semma Therapeutics , who shares similar vision on artificial beta cells  being an answer to growing diabetic issues.

According to WHO 1.5 million deaths were recorded from diabetes in 2012 . Though med-tech behemoth like J&J, Medtronic have device platforms addressing the need of patients worldwide, adherence to protocols and affordability of these devices remain a questionable issue.

As a result research universities and start ups are exploring methods of permanently putting this issue to rest. What could be better answer than to replace the original system with duplicate, i.e beta cell technology. Currently the university duo is exploring for options to make availability of beta cells by assuring their supply and making membrane around these cells that protect them from body’s natural defense system.

Diabetic technologies have evolved them self from injection/vial based therapy to auto injectors platforms. In fact there are products from likes of Medtronic, J&J, Dexcomm who are close to be referred as Artificial pancreas. But development of B cells is likely to push innovation and treatment to a new level, a level which far away from remembering your insulin shots dosages & pain of pricks which patient in certain cases experience on hourly basis.

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