Alibaba looks to explore this new business venture out of the blue….


Alibaba looks to explore this new business venture out of the blue….

We are referring to companies plans to sell drugs on-line.

Yes you heard it right. Hong Kong listed Ali Health looks to tap into 65 drug store chain in order to mark its beginning in e-commerce drug sales.

Alibaba is revisiting this area again. In the past it had retracted its move on the account of speculated regulatory challenges that might come its way. Country’s regulatory agencies have given  nod for similar program (pilot basis) to Jo-Jo drug stores. Though the grant from regulatory agencies has not been around drugs on-line sales, its still a noteworthy accommodation that country’s regulatory bodies have given for on-line programs.

Initial venture of Ali Health will focus on service based model, which it eventually looks to take on e-commerce lane.

These activities are quiet a progress in drug distribution pathways in China region. However we can’t overlook the fact that we are talking about a region which had previously been questioned on it quality monitoring norms. With prescription sales being channelled through E-commerce gateway, country has to be over cautious in both monitoring and responding to surfacing issues.


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