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Tag: Medical Device Trends

Insights on Orthopedic Medical Device OEMs financials

Medical device companies generally enjoy gross margins anywhere in the range of 40% to 75%. Which means their spend (COGS) lies in the range of 25% to 60%. Though this […]


APAC Healthcare Landmarks: In 2015

Ever changing healthcare industry behaved as expected in the year 2015. It embraced growth, looked at billion dollar M&A deals, expanded capacity, involved itself in cross industry partnerships and much […]

IBM’s Watson did not just do that?

Wearable industry growth figures are at top of the charts. Every fortnight wearable start-ups are either closing funding rounds , or been acquired and in some cases hosting IPO. All […]

Can computers replace surgeons?

4 out of 10 developments in healthcare revolve around automating systems, with fundamentals flagged to robotics. Every aspect from diagnosing to surgeries has seen a great amount of inclination towards […]

App via IOT gateway = Vision restoration

Mobile phones/smart devices and associated apps have been making tremendous impact in peoples life in last couple of years. These developments have surfaced up as a mass success element off […]