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Profusa awarded $7.5M DARPA grant to work on implantable biosensors ( Last News Update)

Profusa’s mission is to make our body’s chemistry easily accessible to improve health and wellness. We are dedicated to becoming a leader in the development of real-time biosensors that provide unprecedented insights into our overall health status. We are leading the development of a new generation of biointegrated sensors that empowers the individual with the ability to monitor their unique body chemistry in unprecedented ways to transform the management of personal health and disease. Our technology enables the development of bioengineered sensors that become one with the body to detect and continuously transmit actionable, medical-grade data for personal and medical use. Profusa’s first clinical offering, the Lumee Oxygen Sensing System™, is designed to report reliable tissue oxygen levels at various regions of interest, both acutely and long-term. It may be used in applications where monitoring of compromised tissue is beneficial, such as peripheral artery disease that results in narrowing of blood vessels and reduced blood flow to the lower limbs; chronic wounds (diabetic ulcers, pressure sores) that do not heal properly; and reconstructive surgery. Any questions? Please visit or email us at

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Google X’s new chase


Can you think of nano particles patrolling your body to trace cancer and other disease ailments. Particles which take diagnostic to a level way beyond any healthcare service provider could ever think of . We are not referring to hypothetical technology here, it is technology that Google X has set its eye on.

Real acknowledgement to phrase “technology from future”.

What Else Do We Know About This Device
This doesn’t stop here, they also have wearable with tiny magnets to monitor these nano particles. The thought, idea and prototypes are taking various checks at different levels, before commercialization.

Technical and Security Background
As of now market is aware of only few details such as nano particles are one thousandth size of red blood cells and data read & recorded by wearable will be licensed to other entities who would assure the data security and integrity.

We will close by saying; this technology which appears to be innovation that might look feasible 20 years from now will hit the market in 5 years time window. Google has never stopped surprising readers through its various innovation but this is something way too impressive.

Medical device trends

Apple leaves no stone unturned in healthcare arena


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If we still doubt Apple’s( seriousness and role in healthcare space, this might change your perception.

Apple( recently sat with two of the top insurance companies United Healthcare( and Humana ( briefing them about their healthcare initiatives involving health kit and in-development wearables says Cult of Mac ( Apple was in news recently for its Healthkit launch and its meeting with FDA(, and now with insurers in loop, we sure can confirm that company does not want to leave any stone unturned in wearable space. Trend of wearable penetration is likely to increase in coming days mainly on the account of companies incentivizing the employees to wear fitness trackers to reduce insurance premiums.

As per Cultofmac( close to 22 million fitness tracking devices are likely to be sold in 2014, these number would further scale themselves up to 66 million units by 2018. Going by these counts we can just imagine the market of wearables in coming days.

Million dollar question that we all await the answer to is, ” Which of these wearables will see a significant traction in coming days”. For start ups trying to carve their way in this market, it would really be challenging to stand against whos who namely Google(, Apple( and many others.


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